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This Calculator is a free online scientific simple calc to calculate science notations.


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Absolute zero
-273.16 °C
Acceleration of free fall, standard
9.806 65 m/s2
Atomic mass unit
1.660 538 782×10-27 kg
Avogadro constant
6.022 141 79×1023 1/mol
Base of natural logarithms
2.718 281 828 459...
Boltzmann constant
1.380 6504×10-23 J/K
Classical electron radius
2.817 940 2894×10-15 m
Electron mass
9.109 382 15×10-31 kg
Electron-proton mass ratio
5.446 170 2177×10-4
1.602 176 487×10-19 J
Elementary charge
1.602 176 487×10-19 C
Faraday constant
96 485.3399 C/mol
First radiation constant
3.741 771 18×10-16 W m2
Molar gas constant
8.314 472 J/mol K
Molar volume
(Ideal gas, T = 273.15 K, p = 101.325 kPa)
22.413 996×10-3 m3/mol
Newtonian constant of gravitation
6.674 28×10-11 N m2/kg2
Permeability of vacuum
12.566 370 614...×10-7 N/A2
Permittivity of vacuum
8.854 187 817...×10-12 F/m
3.141 592 653 589 793 238...
Planck constants
6.626 068 96×10-34 J s
Second radiation constant
0.014 387 752 m K
Solar constant
1366 W/m2
Speed of light in vacuum
299 792 458 m/s
Speed of sound in air at STP
331.5 + 0.6 * T/°C m/s
Standard pressure
101 325 Pa

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This calculator is advanced tool like TI 84 plus, TI 83 , TI 30,TI 30XS, TI 36 calculators. it calculates square roots cube roots, tangent, cosine, sines, trignometry,exponential, percentage, logarithm, inverse, cotangent, squares, multiplication, division, addition, algebra, subtraction of numbers.

This is a free online math/science calculator similar to those from TI, Casio, HP and others. It supports functions for algebra, trigonometry and equations.

Enter a formula either by typing on the keyboard (see keyboard input below), pressing the buttons on the calculator with the mouse, or a mixture of both. Type in the formula as you would say it, then press = or the keyboard enter key. For example:

The table below shows what to type for each function. The function has an argument which must be in parentheses, for example cos(18). When you enter a function from the screen buttons, the first parenthesis is entered for you. For example when you press the cos button, it enters "cos ("

Sine sin(x) This represents trigonometry sine function*.
Tangent tan(x) This represents trigonometry tangent function*.
Cosine cos(x) This represent trigonometry cosine function*.
Arc Sine asin(x) The trigonometry inverse sine function*. The angle whose sine is x.
Arc Tangent atan(x) The trigonometry inverse tangent function*. The angle whose tangent is x.
Arc Cosine acos(x) The trigonometry inverse cosine function*. The angle whose cosine is x.
Square root sqrt(x) Square root of x.
Ten to the power x pow(10,x) Ten raised to the power x.
Natural Log ln(x) The log base e of x. The power to which you must raise the base (e - approximately 2.718) to get x.
Logarithm log(x) The log base 10 of x. The power to which you must raise the base (10) to get x.
x squared x^2 x raised to the power 2.
Exp exp(x) e (approx 2.718) raised to the power of x.
Multiplication x x number mutiply x or y where x and y are numbers.
Subtraction - x number minus x or y where x and y are numbers.
Division / x number divide x or y where x and y are numbers.
Addition + x number add x or y where x and y are numbers.

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